What's taking so long?

We’re an insurance company. You need insurance. We want to help you! You call us. We take your information and say we’ll get back to you as soon as we get a quote. Twenty minutes pass and you’ve heard nothing. What on earth are we doing?!

With the whole “fifteen minutes could save you…” and now the “fifteen minutes is an eternity; how about seven-and-a-half minutes?” we understand. You want options, and you want them now.

If you are looking for an automobile policy, and in your household you have a 2005 Chevy Malibu and a 2008 Toyota Corolla, we can probably get back to you within the hour with several options. However, it gets trickier if you have a one-ton truck. Or a vehicle with expensive modifications.

The same applies to homeowner’s insurance. You live in town in a 1986 Ranch home that is a lot like the neighbors’ houses? We should have numbers for you today. But if your house is underground? Or a Quonset hut? Or a boathouse? It might take us a while.

Here’s why: Insurance rates are based on risk. An insurance company assesses risk based largely on comparison with similar items or properties. A late model fifth wheel RV has a lot to be compared to, but an old school bus retrofitted as a recreational vehicle is going to be more difficult to price.

At Hejny Insurance Agency, we don’t write insurance. We connect clients with the best insurance providers to meet their individual needs. So while it might seem like sometimes it’s taking an unreasonably long time to put together a quote, the odds are that we’re putting out feelers and waiting for answers. Even if you have a very specialized business for which none of our providers have a market, they might have another lead… And while we’re investigating those leads, you can be working your day job, or Skyping your mom, or reading a book on the back porch.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you have insurance through us, you can always call us or stop by with concerns or questions, and if we can’t help you, we’ll be the ones to wait on hold for forty-five minutes while you head home to start dinner.

That’s the whole reason we’re here: We do the leg work so you can get on with your life. And we appreciate that you’ve let us do so for the past 28 years.

How to protect yourself and your family with Renters Insurance

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Surprising secrets about what’s covered in a standard Renters Policy!
  • The most dangerous myth about renters insurance
  • What to do before you ever have a claim
  • Protecting your jewelry, art, computer equipment and other valuables that may not be covered!
  • Renters Insurance demystified! What are you really getting? Find out here…

Busting the Myths about Renters Insurance

It is one of the most commonly repeated myths about insurance. Renters don’t need insurance because their landlord’s policy provides coverage for the renters’ property.

No, it doesn’t. Further, if someone slips and falls in your apartment or rented home, your landlord’s insurance usually won’t provide any coverage for you if you are sued.

Renters insurance is basically like homeowners coverage without coverage for the structure.

* Note. Renters insurance provides coverage for your possessions and for liability if someone injured while on your premises sues you. Renters insurance also covers any of your possessions when they are away from your residence, including in your car.

In addition, renters policies provide what are called additional living expenses. If some catastrophe covered by the policy — fire, bursting pipes — makes the place you are renting uninhabitable, the policy will pay some of the costs you incur to live somewhere else while the residence is being repaired.

The coverage is usually limited to either a specific period of time, say 12 months, or what the insurance company considers a “reasonable length of time.” Also, there is a cap on the amount of additional living expenses the insurer will pay, usually a percentage of the total liability limits.

Like homeowners insurance, renters policies do not cover damage or losses resulting from flooding, landslide or earthquake — although it is possible to buy coverage for these risks separately.

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It's Not Just for Old Folks!

If your college-age student is living off-campus this year, it might be a good idea to invest in renters insurance.  Your homeowners policy may cover the property, but there will most likely be a limit to the amount paid out for belongings that are off-premesis.  The good news is that renters insurance is pretty cheap.  Check out http://consumerist.com/5351680/renters-with-cool-stuff-you-cant-afford-not-to-have-renters-insurance and then call us today for a quote.

Renters Insurance

Who’s responsible for replacing your stuff when apartment buildings attack? Here’s a hint: It’s not your landlord.

Back during my apartment days, I woke up one morning to the sound of a very loud truck right outside my window. It was being used to pump about a foot of water out of an apartment in the next building. During the night, a hot water pipe had sprung a small leak. That leak shot onto the cold water pipe right next to it. The cold water pipe melted, creating an enormous leak in the ceiling of one of the downstairs units. When the apartment manager asked the tenant why she didn’t call the emergency number when the water started coming into her apartment, she said that she had been asleep and dreamed that it was raining.

Basically, everything in this young woman’s apartment was ruined. I know, because it was all out on the lawn that morning. It’s bad enough to deal with having all your stuff destroyed, but what if you couldn’t replace it? You see, by law Texas landlords are not responsible for replacing or repairing tenants’ belongings. Simply put, the apartment complex had no responsiblity to reimburse the tenant for her damaged property, even though it was the landlord’s property that caused the damage.

The best way to protect your property is to purchase a renters policy. This provides coverage for your things while they’re at home or out with you. The cost is very reasonable. Depending on your address, you can purchase $15,000 of coverage for about $15 a month. So ask yourself: If you woke up and found that your bedroom had become a swimming pool overnight, could you easily pay to replace all your stuff? If not, contact us for more information about renters coverage.