What's taking so long?

We’re an insurance company. You need insurance. We want to help you! You call us. We take your information and say we’ll get back to you as soon as we get a quote. Twenty minutes pass and you’ve heard nothing. What on earth are we doing?!

With the whole “fifteen minutes could save you…” and now the “fifteen minutes is an eternity; how about seven-and-a-half minutes?” we understand. You want options, and you want them now.

If you are looking for an automobile policy, and in your household you have a 2005 Chevy Malibu and a 2008 Toyota Corolla, we can probably get back to you within the hour with several options. However, it gets trickier if you have a one-ton truck. Or a vehicle with expensive modifications.

The same applies to homeowner’s insurance. You live in town in a 1986 Ranch home that is a lot like the neighbors’ houses? We should have numbers for you today. But if your house is underground? Or a Quonset hut? Or a boathouse? It might take us a while.

Here’s why: Insurance rates are based on risk. An insurance company assesses risk based largely on comparison with similar items or properties. A late model fifth wheel RV has a lot to be compared to, but an old school bus retrofitted as a recreational vehicle is going to be more difficult to price.

At Hejny Insurance Agency, we don’t write insurance. We connect clients with the best insurance providers to meet their individual needs. So while it might seem like sometimes it’s taking an unreasonably long time to put together a quote, the odds are that we’re putting out feelers and waiting for answers. Even if you have a very specialized business for which none of our providers have a market, they might have another lead… And while we’re investigating those leads, you can be working your day job, or Skyping your mom, or reading a book on the back porch.

It doesn’t stop there. Once you have insurance through us, you can always call us or stop by with concerns or questions, and if we can’t help you, we’ll be the ones to wait on hold for forty-five minutes while you head home to start dinner.

That’s the whole reason we’re here: We do the leg work so you can get on with your life. And we appreciate that you’ve let us do so for the past 28 years.

Are you on a boat?

Summer is coming, and that means fun on Lake Texoma! When you set out for a day at the lake, you’re hoping for a stress-free outing with family and friends, but the fact is that sometimes, real life encroaches on your good times and your plans have to change. Let us help you be prepared for contingencies so you can get on with your summer.

Progressive offers a boating policy with coverage that is second to none. In addition to Total Loss Replacement for your boat, which replaces the boat with a brand new one of similar make and quality, Progressive also offers Replacement Cost Fishing Equipment for up to $10,000 for tackle, rods, and reels; and Replacement Cost Personal Effects for your cameras, clothes, cell phones, and whatever else you’ve brought with you.

Sign and Glide offers on-water towing for only $30 per year. Similar stand-alone towing policies cost $170. With Sign and Glide, you call Progressive and they contact the towing service and pay them directly, with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

Additionally, you can elect 24-hour Roadside Assistance and Trip Interruption Coverage which is available to you even if your tow vehicle is not covered by Progressive (but their auto rates are competitive, and even more so when you bundle with a boat policy, so you should check out that option, too!). Trip Interruption means that if you’re more than 100 miles from your house and your vehicle is in an accident or even just breaks down, you can be reimbursed for your costs of staying in a hotel while the vehicle is repaired.

Another option Progressive offers that is fairly exclusive is propulsion coverage. Often, if your propulsion system is damaged but there’s no overt collision that caused it, your claim for repair might be declined. Propeller repairs average $2200-$2600, so paying this out of pocket can really put a dent in your summer fun budget. With Progressive’s propulsion coverage (a separate, optional endorsement), the repair is covered after your deductible has been met.

Finally, this comprehensive coverage is offered with a number of potential discounts: homeowner, idle-assisted steering, multi-policy, multi-boat, original owner, responsible driver, safety course, transfer, claim-free renewal, paid-in-full, prompt payment, and small claim forgiveness. Additionally, if you sign up for disappearing deductibles, every policy period you do not file a claim, the deductible will be reduced by 20%.

Set off for fun, confident in your coverage. Contact our office for a no-obligation boater’s insurance policy today!

Why I Believe in Insurance Agents – Stephen's Story

“My dad and I were hauling his new boat across the country behind a truck.  We hit a flash blizzard in Wyoming, and the next thing we knew, the boat flipped twice and we were jackknifed, stuck in a snow bank.  Fortunately, we were okay.  A few weeks later, everything else was too, magically fixed by insurance.  We had the right protection, that’s for sure.  Our insurance agent made certain of that.  We’re both grateful.”

Stephen Way
husband, father, designer

How to protect yourself and your family if you own a boat!

What you’ll discover in this report:

  • Surprising secrets about what is and what is NOT covered in a standard Homeowner’s Policy for your boat
  • Clear up the common confusion about the different kinds of “watercraft” insurance…most owners don’t know this!
  • How to save money on boat insurance…
  • A special kind of insurance you may need to have…depending on what you do with your boat…
  • Insurance jargon demystified! What are you really getting? Find out here…

They are called pleasure boats or pleasure crafts, but, let’s face it, sometimes they’re a “pain.” They are expensive, to say the least — and potential danger comes with the pleasure.

They are, after your house(s) and maybe your car(s), possibly your most valued assets. You can choose to own and operate a boat, yacht or Jet Ski without insurance (although some marinas and yacht clubs won’t let you dock your craft unless you have coverage). However, that’s not a very smart choice.

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