Insuring it all . . .

Sometimes it might seem like there are so many things in your life that you need to insure – your home, your vehicles, your health, even your life itself.  But I can promise you that insurance companies have covered some odd things.

A model’s face was insured in the event that she developed wrinkles.  One concerned citizen took out a life insurance policy that would pay out in the event that he died by falling Sputnik.  Movie studios got insurance on the legs of both Betty Grable and Fred Astaire.  Michael Flatley of Lord of the Dance fame had coverage on his legs for an astounding $47 millon.  A food critic insured his taste buds, since all that hot soup can cause some damage.

Something that may not immediately occur to you is insuring movie stars and athletes.  During filming, a studio takes out insurance on its stars since their misdeeds could land them in jail and stop production entirely.  Lindsey Lohan had some problems getting insured for her film Georgia Rule.  When athletes with multi-million dollar contracts want to play for their national teams at, say, the Olympics, their country’s sports federations have to purchase coverage.  Alexander Ovechekin, from Russia, has a 13-year, $124 million contract.  The Washington Capitals weren’t about to let him on the ice for the Russian National Team for the World Championships without a policy in place.

So don’t worry if you’re a little overwhelmed by your insurance needs.  Somebody can insure it, and we can help.

Kukla’s Korner