It's Not Just for Old Folks!

If your college-age student is living off-campus this year, it might be a good idea to invest in renters insurance.  Your homeowners policy may cover the property, but there will most likely be a limit to the amount paid out for belongings that are off-premesis.  The good news is that renters insurance is pretty cheap.  Check out and then call us today for a quote.

Disaster Recovery

What disasters can befall you or your company?

Life can throw you a curve ball sometimes.  Murphy, as he is sometimes called, will try to make your life miserable.  Don’t let him.  Use protection against Murphy.  Dave Ramsay likes to say that a solid emergency fund is insurance protection against Murphy, and I agree.  Murphy and his disasters can come in many forms, whether it be natural, man made, spiritual, or financial.

Do you have a written disaster plan?

Does it have to be written?

I believe it has to be written, especially if you own a business.  If you aren’t there to pick up the pieces, how can your employees if it is not written?  Can you remember all of the neccessary steps in order to recover from a disaster as quickly and efficiently as possible if it has not been written down and carefully thought out?   I feel that this is very important not only in your business but your family life as well.

Please take the time to think about all of the IF’s in life.

If, Then, What?

How would you respond?

If you need any assistance let me know and I may be able to help you.

See?  There was another “IF,” they are everywhere.  That word seems to lead toward thought and planning.  A plan is like a roadmap helping you achieve your goals.