Summer Water Safety

I remember a movie several years back where the hero in the film – played by Bruce Willis – was a regular guy who happened to be indestructible.  His “Kryptonite”, however, was water.  You couldn’t hurt this guy, but he could drown.

I think most of us walk around feeling indestructible most of the time.  (Bad things only happen to the other people, right?)  And generally life is pretty safe.  But with the warmer weather of summer, and more folks spending time around pools, lakes, and rivers, it’s not a bad idea to remember a few water safety tips:

  • Never swim alone, and, when possible, swim in areas supervised by lifeguards.
  • Children should always be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Obey posted safety rules.
  • Avoid swiftly moving water.
  • Stay out of the water during thunderstorms. If lightning starts, get out of the water and seek shelter away from metal objects, large trees and open areas.
  • Check water depth before diving – jump in feet first if you’re not sure how deep the water is. Never dive into an above ground pool.
  • When diving, always enter the water with your arms extended over your head and your hands together to protect your head. Slide feet first to avoid the risk of your head hitting the bottom of the pool.
  • Keep wheel toys away from the pool so small ones don’t go in accidentally.
  • A fence, wall or barrier should completely enclose the pool area. Access should be by locked gate or door.
  • Use inflatable toys and floats with caution.
  • A phone and emergency numbers should be close by.

Keep these tips in mind whenever you’re swimming or around others who are. A little precaution could save lives and keep your summer safe and fun!

From your insurance protection team at Hejny Insurance Agency wishing you a safe and fun summer season.

PS: Remember, proper insurance protection requires constant vigilance.  37% of unpaid claims come from perilous GAPS in insurance.  Be sure to let us know whenever changes arise in your situation.  Thanks.

National Flood Insurance Program Extended for Five Years

I don’t know about you, but I find it very funny that a Congressperson named Waters helped author a bill about the flood insurance program.

President Barack Obama has signed the “Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform and Modernization Act of 2012” into law. The law extends the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) for five years and makes reforms to the program.

Zombie Insurance Now Available!

There are now a couple of companies offering Zombie Insurance! Just as I thought I heard it all a company called ZAICO (zombie apocalypse insurance company) has come out with a policy to protect you from Class 3 zombie outbreak losses. They say they can provide complete coverage for recovering from a Zombie attack including ammunition restocking to zombie
incineration. Before you ask if I’m on something you need to google ZAICO and see for yourself.

We at Hejny Insurance don’t see a need for this, but it is available for $14.95 a year. It’s our understanding you get a Certificate of Insurance from ZAICO suitable for framing and for an extra $3 a nice wallet-size card with policy dates.

If these premiums are too stiff, (pardon the pun) you might want to check with My Zombie Insurance. I heard their policy is lifetime coverage for $9.95. So far no claims seem to have been paid on these. Also I can’t see that they are registered with the Department Of Insurance.

There you have it, your insurance humor for today.