Why I Believe in Insurance Agents – Stephen's Story

“My dad and I were hauling his new boat across the country behind a truck.  We hit a flash blizzard in Wyoming, and the next thing we knew, the boat flipped twice and we were jackknifed, stuck in a snow bank.  Fortunately, we were okay.  A few weeks later, everything else was too, magically fixed by insurance.  We had the right protection, that’s for sure.  Our insurance agent made certain of that.  We’re both grateful.”

Stephen Way
husband, father, designer

Why I Believe in Insurance Agents – Michael's Story

“People may think we were really unlucky when our house burned down.  But I’m grateful.  Grateful I was home.  Grateful I was awake.  Grateful we all made it out alive.  And I’m grateful I had my insurance agent to watch my back.  Sure, we’ll never get back the family bible.  Or the old pictures.  But we’ll get our home back…and we’ll be safely together again.”

Michael Graff
husband, father, small business owner

Why I Believe in Insurance Agents – Bruce's Story

“My small business supports my family, so it really matters to me.  When we got vandalized, not only did my business get damaged.  One of my customer’s trucks got damaged, too.  I ended up with three claims at once.  Fortunately I made one great decision years ago.  I chose an insurance agent to take care of my protection.  He was there for me from the beginning.  He was there for me through the claim.  And, I plan to have him there, protecting my family and my business for years to come.”

Bruce Berroth
husband, father, small business owner