Driving Safety Tips

I am often amazed by the reckless driving I see on my way into to the office.  So many accidents could be easily avoided.  We handle the “after” effects in our business every day…

So, I thought I’d send you a quick “reminder” this month.  PLEASE … read through this short list of safety reminders.  It won’t take long, and it could save your life!

We drive so much it becomes sub-conscious.  So, let these safety reminders dwell in your sub-conscious, too…

  • Back off.  Odds are, if you can clearly read the bumper stickers on the car in front while moving- you’re too close!

    I wish I had the statistic of how many car accidents are rear-ending collisions.  It’s a lot.  I realize in heavy traffic it’s sometimes impossible to keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.  But try.

    A safe distance is determined by a 2 second gap – that is, when the driver in front of you passes a road marker, you shouldn’t get there for 2 seconds.  That means the faster you’re going, the bigger the gap between you and the driver in front should be.

  • Slow down.  I know its cliché, but speed kills.  It really does.  Plus, speeding tickets are expensive.  And if an insurance carrier finds out about it – and they do check – you could get a rate increase, too.
  • Put on that seatbelt.  Why fight the odds?  Statistics prove that seatbelts save lives.  Not to mention in most states being caught without your seatbelt on means a hefty fine.  Be safe – put it on!
  • Are you too close to the airbag?  Make sure you’re more than 10 inches from the steering wheel.  If you’re too close, an inflating airbag could hurt or kill you.
  • Pay attention to road conditions … and slow down!  If you lose control of your vehicle on a wet road, you might blame the road, but the cops and the insurance company won’t.  They’ll blame you!  Remember, you’re responsible for controlling the car you’re driving in ALL conditions.
  • Check all around before changing lanes.  Never assume another car isn’t there.  Look.  It only takes a few seconds for a car to move into a dangerous position.

Of course, there are tons of safe driving tips, these are just the top ones…hope this short list sticks in your sub-conscious mind and keeps you safe.

From everyone here at Hejny Insurance Agency, we thank you for your business and may the roads you travel always be safe ones!

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  1. Yes, well, regarding that first one… don’t look at my grill too closely now, all righty?

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